“ The World of DFPCL”

The World of Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation Limited

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Chemicals in India with strong presence in Crop Nutrition, Mining Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals. We have a balanced portfolio that includes both Commodity Chemicals and Speciality Chemicals, which ensures that we are able to derive respectable margins in a sustained manner. Our focus as far as Commodity Chemicals are concerned is on full capacity utilisation, vertical integration and driving economy of scale. Our strategy of re-empting the growth in demand and augmenting capacities in a timely manner has helped us in staying ahead of the competition. For the value added products, the focus is on applications and providing unique and superior solutions and services to the ultimate consumers. As we grow, we will continue to shift our focus from customer orientation to consumer orientation, leading to a stronger bond of interdependency with the esteemed users of our products.

Our milestone rich journey is marked by the impactful play we have made within each of our business segments. This is the result of our continuous commitment to better productivity across our product portfolio; to bringing meaningful differentiation through our valueadded products; and to achieving scale and integration to widen the value-add in everything we produce.


Crop Nutrition Division

MTPA (Nitro Phosphate Fertiliser, NPK Fertiliser & Bentonite Sulphur)

Technical Ammonium Nitrate

MTPA (Taloja & Srikakulam)

Industrial Chemicals

MTPA (Dil. Nitric Acid, Conc. Nitric Acid, Methanol, Iso Propyl Alcohol & Liquid CO2 )/p>

*MTPA : Metric Tonnes Per Annum