While we build on “Today”,
we are investing in our “Tomorrow”.

Through consistent excellence, we at Deepak Fertilisers are well prepared to produce steady, secular growth in each of our verticals, while also triggering enhanced profitability and stronger free cash flows generation. We are building on solid progress by breaking new barriers of performance. Going forward, we remain well positioned to capture the growing market opportunities that the Indian economy presents us, and fulfil steady value creation for our stakeholders.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energies not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

– Socrates

S. C. Mehta
Chairman & Managing Director

Our Financial Record


“The World of Deepak Fertilisers And
Petrochemicals Corporation Limited”

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Chemicals in India with strong presence in Crop Nutrition, Mining Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals. We have a balanced portfolio that includes both Commodity Chemicals and Speciality Chemicals, which ensures that we are able to derive respectable margins in a sustained manner.

Our milestone rich journey is marked by the impactful play we have made within each of our business segments. This is the result of our continuous commitment to better productivity across our product portfolio; to bringing meaningful differentiation through our valueadded products; and to achieving scale and integration to widen the value-add in everything we produce.


Crop Nutrition Division

MTPA (Nitro Phosphate Fertiliser, NPK Fertiliser & Bentonite Sulphur)

Technical Ammonium Nitrate

MTPA (Taloja & Srikakulam)

Industrial Chemicals

MTPA (Dil. Nitric Acid, Conc. Nitric Acid, Methanol, Iso Propyl Alcohol & Liquid CO2 )/p>

“Strong Performance
and Progress”

We delivered commendable performance during the year FY2018, reflecting higher volume, revenue and profit growth across all our business segments. Committed to long-term value creation, we continue to strive for quality top-line growth, while working on improving our operating profit margin through increased capacity, scale and efficiency.

Operational Highlights of FY2018

Industrial Chemicals

In order to maintain our leadership position in Nitric Acid, we are setting up a plant at Dahej that will produce 1,48,500 MTPA of Dilute Nitric Acid and 92,400 MTPA of Concentrated Nitric Acid.

Crop Nutrition

Our new NPK plant, with innovative and differentiated technology, was made operational in February 2017, adding 6,00,000 MTPA capacity.

Mining Chemicals

We raised the product keeping qualities under tougher climate, temperature & logistics challenges in our drive for sustained customer satisfaction.

prestigious Awards

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